The Youth Leadership Advisory Team (YLAT) is the voice for Maine’s youth in Foster Care. YLAT is a partnership of youth and adults working together to improve outcomes for young people in the foster care system through:

  • Public speaking and training
  • Advising decision makers about youth priorities
  • Youth-centered laws and policies
  • Resources and opportunities for young people in foster care


YLAT meetings are held from September through May. In YLAT meetings, youth come together, have FUN, learn leadership, problem solving and advocacy skills, and build their portfolio of accomplishments.
YLAT is a joint project between Maine’s Youth in Foster Care, The Maine Department of Health and Human Services, and the Muskie School of Public Service at University of Southern Maine. YLAT is committed to improving the short-term and long-term outcomes for youth who are or have been in foster care.
Visit YLAT’s webiste or “Like” YLAT on Facebook to learn more, find resources for youth in foster care, and discover how you can get involved.


“It’s really done a lot. Being a part of YLAT makes you feel stronger; knowing you’re making a difference makes you feel good about yourself.”