Youth Leadership

The ultimate goal of any effective foster care youth leadership program is its focus on ensuring that youth, both individually and collectively, are able to experience a strong foundation for success as they move throughylatlogo or transition from the foster care system: permanent families of their own, with many family relationships; strong educational and employment experiences that can lead the way to economic success; and personal connections in their communities.

Maine’s youth leadership approach is founded on the belief that all youth have the capacity to be leaders. Our program activities bring youth leaders and adult partners together where youth can experience trusting and authentic relationships. Youth participants join a team of their peers where they develop advocacy skills, learn to speak to and advise policy makers, and contribute to improved outcomes for all youth in care.

Youth are also engaged in the work of the Maine Youth Transition Collaborative (MYTC) where they serve on the MYTC Advisory Board with adult partners. Youth and adults together promote resources and opportunities for youth in transition from foster care, especially in the areas of economic success, postsecondary education, and employment.