Practical Pathways

Practical Pathways was written for you and other young people exiting the foster care system and the adult allies who support you.

Created by an alumnus of foster care to support you as you are exiting foster care and entering adulthood, the contents and information included may be a good resource for any young person transitioning into adulthood.
This guide was produced to provide the information and resources that will support you in getting your first apartment, buying a car, finding a doctor, and making smart financial decisions. It’s a lot to navigate and Practical Pathways is set up to provide a snapshot of necessary information along with suggestions of where you can go to get more resources.
You can use Practical Pathways in different ways. You can read the entire document or use it as a reference when facing situations that apply, such as opening a bank account or getting a credit card. Use the Section Contents to help you get started and find the information you are looking for. Each section includes a Resource Page with helpful contact information.