Credit and Debt Webinar Series

For a young person in or who has been in foster care, dealing with the financial realities and emotional stress caused by bills and debt can be overwhelming. In the fall of 2016, to help those who work with young people, MYTC held a series of webinars, led by Inger Giuffrida, Financial Education and Asset Building Consultant.

These webinars provide an introduction, as well as practical information, and usable tools for dealing with credit issues, debt and information to help protect the financial stability and credit history.

Preventing and Recovering from Identity Theft – Click here for the slides, Click here to watch the Q & A from webinar 1

Preventing and Dealing with Medical Bills and Debt – Visit the Medical debt section of our website

Preventing and Managing Other Types of High-Cost Debt – Click here to download the presentation slides, click here to watch the webinar