Post-Secondary Education Supports

Youth Adult Supports Education Support

Through community conversations and teambuilding events, youth and adults in the York County Foster Care Collaborative have worked together to create supports for youth in foster care who are pursuing post-secondary education.

Youth in the Collaborative have been clear about how important peer supports are for them during college, whether they live on or off campus. In December 2011, young people spearheaded an initiative involving other youth, Collaborative partners, and community members to create and deliver We Care Packages for youth in college.We Care packages have been distributed every year since then during the holiday season.

Young people often come together for “Meet-Ups” to discuss supports for post-secondary education or other issues about transitioning from foster care to adulthood.

If you are interested in participating in a Meet-Up, please contact Ahmen Cabral: or 207-228-8548.