Mission of MYTC

The Maine Youth Transition Collaborative (MYTC), made up of public and private partners from across Maine, works with young people, the child welfare system, and community members to ensure that youth transitioning from the foster care system to adulthood have the resources and personal connections they need to be successful. MYTC works with communities around Maine on the issues vital to a young person’s economic self-sufficiency, such as postsecondary education and employment.

For more information about the Maine Youth Transition Collaborative, please contact:

Marty Zanghi, Director of Youth & Community Engagement (YCEME.org)

Email: martin.zanghi@maine.edu
Phone: 207-780-5867


Becca Matusovich, Maine Youth Transition Collaborative Coordinator

Email: bmatusovich@maine.edu
Phone: 207-780-4865