About Us

The Maine Youth Transition Collaborative (MYTC) is a partnership of public and private sector partners who work together at the state and local levels to provide more opportunities and improve outcomes for youth in transition from foster care – in the areas of employment, education, housing, mental and physical health care, lifelong connections, and personal and community engagement.

The Collaborative recognizes that young people have a better chance of succeeding if they have strong support from their communities; and if systems partners – both public and private – are best informed of the needs of older youth in care by those young people themselves.

The Collaborative’s major strategies include increasing opportunities for youth engagement, actively involving systems and partners in creating resources and opportunities, documenting results and identifying/disseminating best practices, and galvanizing public will to focus on changing policy to provide needed supports for youth. Key focus areas are:

MYTC has partnered with the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative (JCYOI) since 2003.

The Maine Youth Transition Collaborative is part of Youth and Community Engagement (YCE) housed at the Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy, a part of the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service. All of the programs of YCE focus on helping young people become youth leaders, achieve economic success, and secure post-secondary education and a pathway to a career as they transition to adulthood.

All YCE efforts have a common goal: to assist young people in connecting with other youth and adults in their communities and to help those communities provide the supports and resources that young people need to become successful adults.